Professor Mark Cook

  • Room: Level: 04 Room: 404
  • Building: Clinical Sciences Block
  • Campus: St Vincents Hospital

Research interests

  • Neurology (Epilepsy)


Director of The Graeme Clark Institute, The Sir John Eccles Chair of Medicine and Director of Clinical Neurosciences at St. Vincent’s Hospital, Professor Cook specialises in the treatment of epilepsy. He is recognised internationally for his expertise in epilepsy management, particularly imaging and surgical planning. After completing specialist training in Melbourne, he undertook an MD thesis while working as Brain Research Fellow at Queen Square, London. He returned to St. Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne to continue his interest in management of complex epilepsy. He has worked closely with engineers for most of his career, developing novel therapies for epilepsy. His interests have included experimental models of epilepsy and seizure prediction, and he has led the commercialisation of an implantable seizure detection device about to start clinical trials.

Recent publications

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