The SPECTRA Collaboration

Mr Matthew Campbell, Director, ENT Head and Neck Surgical Unit, Austin Health

Dr Katie Davey, NeuroEngineering, The University of Melbourne

Assoc Prof Rachel Davey, Molecular Endocrinology and Musculoskeletal Research Group, Austin Health

Prof Amanda Ellis, Ellis Research Group, The University of Melbourne

Dr Brooke Farrugia, Tissue Engineering Group, The University of Melbourne

Prof Mark Grinstaff, Boston University

Prof Graeme Jones, Menzies Institute for Medical Research, The University of Tasmania

Prof Janet Keast, Neural Development, Injury and Pain, MDHS, The University of Melbourne

Assoc Shireen Lamande, Musculoskeletal Research Group, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Dr Khoon Lim, University of Otago, Christchurch

Assistant Prof Sarah Manske, Musculoskeletal Imaging Lab, University of Calgary

Prof Paul Mulvaney, Director ARC Centre of Excellence in Exciton Science

Cameron Nowell, Monash University

OCTA CT in Osteoarthritis Research

Dr Robert O’Donoghue, Lung Disease Research Group, The University of Melbourne

Dr Vijay Rajagopal, Cell Structure & Mechanobiology Group, The University of Melbourne

Assoc Prof Natalie Sims, Bone Cell Biology and Disease Unit, St Vincent’s Institute

Assoc Prof Toby Smith, University of East Anglia

Prof Alastair Stewart, Mechanopharmacology Group, The University of Melbourne

Prof Gerjo van Osch, Connective Tissue Repair Lab, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam

Gordon Wallace & Johnson Chung, School of Medicine, University of Wollongong Australia

Assistant Prof Andy Kin On Wong, University of Toronto



regenHU Biosystem Architects

Scanco Medical AG

Lucid AG


Australian Research Council Discovery Program

Australian Research Council Linkage Program

Selby Scientific Foundation

University of Toronto – University of Melbourne: International Research Training Group

Amgen Scholars Program

University of Calgary Eyes High International Collaborative Grants for New Researchers

Canadian Institutes of Health Research