NeuroEng 2013

Australian Workshop on Computational Neuroscience

NeuroEng 2013, Melbourne, Australia


The workshop was held on 30 and 31 January 2013.

Workshop Booklet

Download: NeuroEng 2013 Workshop Booklet 6mb pdf

Download: NeuroEng 2013 flyer 255kb pdf

Aim and scope

NeuroEng 2013 aims to bring together researchers in Australia who are working at the interface between neuroscience and engineering, including researchers working in mathematical and computational neuroscience, neural modelling, neuro-imaging, EEG analysis, neuro-morphic engineering, and neuro-prostheses.

This workshop preceded the 2013 Annual Meeting of the Australian Neuroscience Society, held at the Melbourne Convention Centre, 3–6 February 2013.

The workshop will feature presentations by a highly respected international keynote speaker:

  • Professor Steven Schiff, Director of Penn State Center for Neural Engineering

Scientific committee

  • David Grayden, Chair (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Peter Blamey (Bionics Institute)
  • Michael Breakspear (Qld Inst of Med Res)
  • Anthony Burkitt (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Mark Cook (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Socrates Dokos (Uni of NSW)
  • Gary Egan (Monash Uni)
  • Geoff Goodhill (Uni of Queensland)
  • Leigh Johnston (Uni of Melbourne)
  • David Liley (Swinburne Uni)
  • Mark McDonnell (Uni of South Australia)
  • Neil McLachlan (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Dragan Nesic (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Peter Robinson (Uni of Sydney)
  • Philip Smith (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Mandiyam Srinivasan (QBI)
  • Doreen Thomas (Uni of Melbourne)
  • Andre van Schaik (Uni of Western Sydney)

Local organising committee

  • David Grayden
  • Anthony Burkitt
  • Shaun Cloherty
  • Dean Freestone
  • Chris French
  • Leigh Johnston
  • Tatiana Kameneva
  • Levin Kuhlmann
  • Hamish Meffin
  • Andre Peterson
  • Steve Petrou
  • Andrew Turpin
  • Simon Vogrin

Our sponsors

Bionic Vision Australia

Monash Biomedical Imaging

Centre for Neural Engineering, University of Melbourne

NeuroEngineering Laboratory, University of Melbourne

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Melbourne

National ICT Australia, NICTA, Victoria Research Laboratory

Swinburne University of Technology