A list of our facilities that may be booked.

For access or enquiries, contact Andrea O’Connor,

  1. Envisiontec 3D bioplotter
  2. Instron 5848 Microtester for mechanical testing in tension or compression up to 2kN (with BioPuls temperature controlled incubation bath) and advanced video extensometer
  3. InkJet device (continuous microparticle production, various nozzle sizes)
  4. Inverted Microscope (Olympus IX70) with image capture and live cell imaging setup
  5. Cary 50 Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer with Microplate reader
  6. Beckman Coulter microfuge 18 Centrifuge
  7. Beckman Coulter Allegra X-15R Centrifuge
  8. Biosafety hood
  9. Motic AE20 inverted microscope
  10. Dynavac FD5 Freeze Dryer
  11. Thermoline Scientific Lab oven
  12. Heal Force UV CO2 incubator for cell culture
  13. Contherm incubator
  14. WTB binder incubator
  15. Thermoline Scientific incubator